Purple Light during Meditation

Purple Light during Meditation

I had never heard of qigong or aura until I met a few friends in acupuncture school that taught me about energy and qigong standing meditation (wuji stance) in fall of 2007. Within a week of standing, I started seeing colors when my eyes were closed–navy/indigo in the beginning…then eventually all purple. Also, during this time I was seeing colored bubbles around people’s head like they are wearing a space helmet or fish bowl.

When I had my eyes closed during the day, I’d see rainbow of colors in sequence. Starting w/ red, yellow, green, indigo, purple…and these were deep, super intense colors. Sometimes they would make interesting shapes. The color blob would often turn into faces–profiles of people–I have no idea who they are but they are never the same. The faces float in and out constantly. I still have no idea who these people are. I think I once asked my guardians to appear so I know what they looked like–instantly there appeared face after another–but cartoonish like Betty Boop who I am not at all familiar with.

Sometimes when the purple lights start whirling around fast, a black space forms in the middle. Then images start showing up within that empty space–but what I see is from a very close-up view. Like a wheel on a chair, or details of an animal’s paw, inside my blood vessels, or a part of a skeleton. When I try to figure out what it is or when the image starts zooming out so I can get the whole picture, the figure transforms into another shape.

When the purple vortex opens up and I stay in that state for few minutes, I’m physically still sitting but consciousness out and my awareness shifts–and see things like someone’s spirit body walking through the walls. I will vaguely remember what I saw or heard or who I was having conversations with. Even when I remember, it’s more of a feeling and I have hard time describing or making it make sense to my brain.

When I’m in bed, right before I fall asleep, I see the same purple vortex, but it’s more of a portal. Often times I see a figure standing at the end of the tunnel who opens a door–inviting me in. I don’t recall what happens after as I enter into a dream state.

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