Sound Healing & Qigong Meditation Classes

Sound Healing & Qigong Meditation Classes


Sound Healing & Qigong Meditation Classes are back!
Join us for this unique experience.

Classes will be held in our Zen Room

*October 10th (Friday) :6:30pm-8:00pm
*October 17th (Friday): 6:30pm-8:00pm

Price: $55/ person

Space is very limited! Sign up now!

Purchase your session online ( online store> sound healing) or call 408.369.1486 for more information.
To schedule your class look for the Workshop tab.
What is Sound Healing & Qigong Meditation?

The combination of sound vibrational healing with breathing meditation inside the salt therapy room creates a unique healing meditative journey like no other.

We are very excited to bring you Sound Healing & Qigong Meditation to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit. Most ancient cultures used the magical power of sound and breath to heal and bring the body back into resonant balance. This class will assist you in reducing stress, anxiety and pain, while promoting happiness, peace of mind and help you in discovering your life-purpose.

Come and learn to open up to your deeper wiser self while resonating with the healing vibrational sounds and qigong meditation. Regardless of your level of meditation practice you will be able to experience a richer grounding, healing and connection to your higher source.

This class will involve balancing your energetic meridians, organs, chakras, and pineal gland. Each participant will get individualized attention specific to their energy constitution. It is recommended to take the classes in succession to allow your energy body to adjust to releasing and building up of the energy.

Meet Zen Hwang

Zen Hwang, MTCM, DMQ, is trained in Chinese Medicine specializing in Medical Qigong therapy and is certified in Sound Healing. She is an ordained Daoist Priest from LongHuShan in China which is renowned for it’s esoteric healing practices. Zen also teaches taichi and qigong classes and leads meditation workshops for specific health conditions.

Her main area of interest is in chronic and immunological disorders to improve the physical and emotional states of those ailing from discomfort. She is successful in managing health conditions such as post-chemo/radiation, tumors, post-surgery, infertility, addiction, gout, allergies, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s, and a variety of other chronic and idiopathic illnesses.

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