Herbal Medicine

chinese herbsChinese Herbal Medicine effectively treats the full range of human disease with a safer and time proven prescriptions. It treats acute diseases like the common cold as well as chronic diseases such as allergies, gynecological disorders, autoimmune disorders, viral diseases, and degenerative diseases with a method that works with your body with less side effects.

Herbal Medicine is also valued as they can greatly increase the effectiveness of modern drug treatments (can significantly reduce the necessary dosage of drugs), reduce their side-effects, and sometimes replace them completely.

As a general rule, acute issues are treated for a period of 1-30 days. For chronic diseases, the treatment time is often dependent on the dosage and the ability of the individual to undertake all necessary steps to overcome the disease.

We at Zen Integrative Clinic use Classical Pearls which has the highest standards of ingredient purity while promoting traditional growing techniques and alchemical integrity of classical formulas.