Medical Qigong

medical qigongMedical QiGong is a complete medical system on its own, rooted in Chinese Medicine theory and part of its five branches including acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs/nutrition, and tuina.

In the ancient days, medical qigong/intuitive energy work was performed by trained monks and Qi masters who had extensive training on manipulating subtle energies and connection to the spiritual realms. This healing modality was highly valued and sought out by people who had illnesses that did not respond to any other treatments or by those seeking enlightenment.

The practitioner taps into the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms for discovering hidden personal stories for specific diagnosis then harmonizes by directing the Qi with the mind to strongly affect the physical functions. The treatment focuses on the root cause of health problems and promotes deeper changes in the physical, mental, and emotional field.

Medical qigong is a powerful medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years to help all kinds of diseases, especially for chronic and idiopathic disorders.

To develop skill with medical qigong, one has to be disciplined with a focused mind of a meditator, have subtle perceptions and be a skilled medical intuitive in order to make the most accurate diagnosis as well as treatment.

During a session, the practitioner’s hands will be above the patient’s body while the patient lies fully clothed on the table. Depending on the individual energetic patterning, the practitioner may use slight touches to connect certain areas of the body to regulate and balance blockages or deficiencies.

What the individual feels varies depending on the person and the treatment protocol–most common reported experience are:

  • expansion of their field
  • noticing other beings present in the room
  • sleeping, hypnogogic state, REM
  • sensation of hovering over their body
  • pressure and movement
  • vibration and tingling
  • twitches and jolts
  • cold or hot sensations
  • hearing, seeing, smelling visions and colors

Most report some kind of shift during or after the treatment as the practitioner works with the memories stored in the energetic body. Often, patients have a “letting go” experience, whether physically or emotionally within 2-3 days after a treatment.

After a session, patients are shown specific prescription qigong exercises which help to open and stabilize the energy shift from the treatment for permanent changes in their energetic field.